URBAN LOFT Cologne Schriftzug

URBAN Food experiences are both local and global. Because every dish is local somewhere. 

We love food. And drinks too. Bonus points if it’s distinctly URBAN. From artsy entrees to contemporary cocktails. On our plates, inspired dishes from around the world. Bangkok Curry, Marrakesh Wok, Istanbul Noodles. 

At our tables, locals mingle with travellers in a genuine atmosphere. All curated and created by passionate and experienced hosts. Each interaction accented with a distinct touch. Cologne hospitality and flair. 

  • URBAN Breakfast Box
  • Grab & Go
  • Free Coffee & Water
  • Urban Bar
  • Local Coffee Bar

URBAN Breakfast Box

It’s like a beautiful morning, wrapped it in a to-go box.

Morning. A new beginning. Time to do something good for your body right away. Water. Stretching. A healthy breakfast. There's no better way to start the day. No matter if it's full of meetings or you're out and exploring the city.

What's inside? A personalized breakfast, just the way you like it.

Forget the typical hotel breakfast and boring buffets. We serve fresh breakfast, bursting with nutrients and vitamins. So it's got everything you need. You like fruit? Or would you prefer something with grains? Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Vegan. No matter, every breakfast box contains your healthy energy kick for the day. Always personalized for you.

If you prefer to eat breakfast in bed, simply take the URBAN Breakfast Box with you to your room. Or make yourself comfortable with it on the roof terrace. If you prefer to go out, take it with you into the city and have a little picnic.

So that we can prepare enough boxes with plenty of fresh rolls for you, just let us know the night before and we will be happy to see your grin when you open your box the next morning.

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Complex flavours, meet uncomplicated and unfussy dining. 

The sun goes down. Time to focus on the evening’s pleasures. Food and drink to linger over. To comment on. Our URBAN Food dinner menu focuses on genuine recipes. Some might be familiar to you, others new discoveries. And future favourites. With a constantly changing seasonal menu, we can offer the highest quality.

We believe there’s a connection between fine spirits and fine works of art. Both inspire. Both are intoxicating in their own way. And each complements the other.

URBAN LOFT Cologne Getränke


Local meets cosmopolitan.

Carefully balanced cocktails feature local, artisan spirits, mixers and ingredients. Some that can only be found in Cologne. Featuring recipes dreamed up by our imaginative and passionate bar team.

For late evenings in Cologne, our chefs craft a variety of satisfying bar snacks. Prepared fresh and delivered to the Grab n’ Go. 

Step into the inspired home of URBAN Food. Where a varied (and healthy) selection of local-meets-global offerings are always ready… and waiting for you. 


URBAN LOFT Cologne Schamong Kaffee© Schamong


Every URBAN LOFT has a locally famous coffee partner. At Cologne, it’s Schamong.  

Cologne’s oldest coffee brewery. Schamong is well-known locally. And they make an energising addition to the atmosphere in The Loft.

There’s a lot to like about Schamong. Not least the award-winning flavour profile of their local brew. Last year, Crema magazine named them ‘Roastery of the Year’. And the accolades keep coming.

Schamong also shares URBAN LOFT’s conviction that the best things in life should be sustainable. And ethical. All of their coffees are fair trade. Which means you can sip with the satisfaction of knowing you’re making a difference. In The Loft, you’re part of the solution.

Free Water & Coffee

Life comes from water. Creativity from coffee. Both are free in The Loft. Water all day. Coffee & tea from 11:30pm to 11:30am.

We want guests to feel at home in Cologne. Like they’re part of community. Connected to the city. That’s why we curate URBAN food and partner with a local roastery for our premium coffee offering. But we also offer some free essentials. For those times when you just need to hydrate. To get down to business. For hotel guests unlimited coffee & tea (11:30 pm – 11:30 am) & water (all day long).

Grab & Go

Opened 24/7

Life moves fast. So do you. That’s why our Grab & Go is open 24/7.  

Cologne is incredible. Of course you want to leave quickly, there's so much to see. But make sure you grab something tasty at our Grab & Go.

If you don't have time to make yourself comfortable at URBAN FOOD, just grab another snack at Grab & Go. All chosen with love. All super tasty!

Don't worry, we don't serve standard supermarket chips or boring sandwiches. Everything at Grab & Go is selected for you. Here you will find products with a surprise effect. Your literal taste of Cologne.

Everything to go. When your schedule is too full to eat sitting down.

At the Loft you also get to know local producers. Our enthusiasm for individual, handmade products is contagious, you bet! You'll love our typical Cologne specialities. Because you can taste our passion. Let Cologne melt in your mouth