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The "green thread" that runs through the entire URBAN LOFT


In cooperation with the company ADA Cosmetics, we have also chosen the "green" way in the field of cosmetic products. An innovation in this area is the upcycling of natural products, which form the basis for the fragrance oils used.

For example, the soap we select consists of 3 basic raw materials, such as musk, amber and cedar wood. Cedar wood oil is the naturally occurring essential element. The oil is obtained by the physical separation process of partial pressure steam distillation. No additives, solvents or chemicals are used at any stage of the recovery process. The raw materials are trees and stumps, which are removed by the farmers during their "brush cleaning", as this tree is considered too invasive.

This is how CITRUS FLORAL WOODY is created. And while you enjoy your soap ritual, the planet becomes cleaner! This makes your hand washing refreshing, fragrant and lasting. The beautiful scent of this liquid is 100% produced by an innovative upcycling process. Among other things with lemon, lime, sandalwood and cedar wood.

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URBAN LOFT Cologne Citrusfrüchte
URBAN LOFT Cologne nachhaltige Zedern
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Pillows & Duvets

With our bed linen in the URBAN LOFT from our partner Finest Linen you will sleep in 7th heaven. A clear conscience and an absolutely clean feeling are on top of it.

Produced from materials tested for harmful substances. Produced in environmentally friendly factories. Produced in safe and socially acceptable workplaces.


URBAN LOFT Cologne Schamong Kaffee
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Schamong Coffee

The focus is on people
People are at the centre of the coffee trade value chain. A good bean is the result of hard, manual work. So the coffee product can only be as good as the people who have grown, harvested and refined it. The better the conditions under which the coffee is produced, the better the result. Both for customers and for producers.

Only in this way can coffee continue to be traded and distributed on an equal footing in the future. We are firmly convinced that consistently sustainable action not only makes better products possible, but also a better life.

For everyone.



Hotel amenities by Elementura combine environmentally friendly materials with the highest guest comfort. The idea for Elementura was born when David and his wife, a trained hotel manageress, were guests on the island of Bali. The two were shocked by the flood of plastic along the beaches. From this experience Elementura was born with the aim of helping hotels to offer their guests a comfortable stay without unnecessary plastic. Degradable and resource-saving materials, such as bamboo and linen, are the focus of attention. However, kraft paper from sustainable sources also significantly reduces the use of plastic in packaging. Elementura is not only working on the continuous innovation of hotel amenities but also on the education of workers who have previously used plastic-based amenities. A change of heart for the environment.