URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer URBAN LOFT Cologne Schriftzug

At URBAN LOFT, each room is an extension of the city. Effective and efficient. Outfitted for genuine comfort. You can use our gym for free and get free coffee (11:30PM till 11:30AM) & water (all day long). Our Breakfast Boxes can be easily booked in addition.

Each room is equipped with SmartTV, premium mattress, USB ports, sustainable products, walk-in shower, air conditioning, hair dryer, safe, WIFI.


16 sqm

Your own private gallery in the heart of Cologne. A shrine to yourself. And to the art of the city. Homey. Cosy. Equipped for comfort with an oversized premium bed, and a walk-in shower and sustainable bathroom products. You could get used to this. (And you should.)

This is your urban headquarters in Cologne. An extension the Loft, where the energy brings creative minds together. With art on the walls, a smart TV and a premium bed. It’s where the best days in the city begin and end.


URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer Basic
URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer Basic mit Kunst


16 sqm

Everyone should see the Cathedral when they visit Cologne. Twin spires. Flying buttresses. A Gothic masterpiece. Masterfully framed in the window of your URBAN VIEW room.

The URBAN VIEW room is your own private gallery, where you can admire one of Germany’s greatest works of art. But this room has more to offer than magnificent views. You can sink into a plush, comfortable bed. Step into a walk-in shower. Or just chill out with your flat-screen TV and a quick Netflix break.


URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer Urban View
URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer View


18 sqm

URBAN Space offers more of everything you love about URBAN LOFT. More space to stretch out and relax in your own private gallery. Space to sink into your plush, comfortable bed. To Netflix & Chill with your travelling companion. To amplify your creativity.

With all this extra space, you can take your relationship with Cologne to the next level. Visit the city you adore. Stay connected to The Loft you love. And enjoy a little extra space while you’re at it.


URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer Space
URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer Space Badezimmer