URBAN LOFT Cologne Lobby und Rezeption

“A journey of a thousand gigabytes begins with a single tap”

- Modern German proverb (Not really) -

Digital Journey

As soon as you reach URBAN LOFT Cologne, your first journey ends. And another begins. A smart one.

First up: digital check-in. Fast. Efficient. Not a piece of paper in sight. (Unless you need one.) But that’s only the beginning. It’s all part of our commitment to make your stay as intuitive and low-impact as possible.

Both check-in and check-out can be done quickly and easily with our app.

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Mobile First

You bring the device. We’ll supply the interface. Interactions at URBAN LOFT are designed to be contactless. With digital payment solutions and a mobile-first approach to everything.   

Room for creativity

And the focus isn’t only on leisure. We have dedicated space where professionals can get creative. Complete with conference rooms. Smart TVs for presentations. Co-working areas where you can spend an hour catching up on emails. Or a week collaborating with your team.

All that creative energy flowing through The Loft makes it a breeding ground for ideas. It’s the kind of place where start-ups are born. Where new ideas take flight. And old ideas are cast in a fresh light.  

Come for the creative energy. Stay for the productivity. And if you want to keep the wheels in motion, why not stay the night? Combine work, sleep and – if you can afford the time – a little bit of play. All at URBAN LOFT Cologne. 

  • Digital Concierge
  • Digital Check-In / Check-Out
  • Contactless Payment
  • Apple Pay
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URBAN LOFT Cologne Digital Payment