URBAN LOFT Cologne Working Open Space

“A journey of a thousand gigabytes begins with a single tap.”

- Modern German proverb (Not really) -

Digital Journey

As soon as you arrive at URBAN LOFT Berlin, your first journey ends. And a new one begins. And what a journey it is.

First things first: digital check-in. Fast. Efficient. Not a sheet of paper far and wide. (Unless you need one.) With us, everything is as uncomplicated and intuitive as possible. So you have more time for the important things.  

Mobile First
You always have your smartphone with you anyway. That's why URBAN LOFT is mobile first. We use contactless technology for everything. Payment anyway.

Room for creativity
In the URBAN LOFT you have room for creative thoughts. And of course working space, with smart TVs and all the technical bells and whistles you and your team need. You want to check your e-mails in peace for an hour? Then make yourself comfortable in one of the many coworking corners. Stay as long as you like.

There's a fresh breeze blowing through the loft. And it's full of creative energy. You'll feel it. This is where ideas learn to fly. You haven't been this productive in a long time, I promise.
If you want to stay in the flow, why not stay overnight? Work, sleep and have fun. At URBAN LOFT Berlin you can do it all in one place.


We are cashless - We only accept credit card and debit card.

  • Digital Concierge
  • Digital Check-In / Check-Out
  • Contactless Payment
  • Apple Pay
URBAN LOFT Cologne Digital Payment