URBAN LOFT Cologne Zimmer

Open doors.

Open minds.

The beds are just a bonus. 

URBAN LOFT is an experience. Of a city. Its art, food, drink and music. Merging local with global. We push boundaries for conscious, creative souls from across the world. And down the street. 

Founded in Cologne. Destined for Europe’s greatest cities. We’re a young, 3-star operator with superior tastes. And a flair for the arts. More than a place to stay – each URBAN LOFT is a place to create. Properties with unique personalities. Integrating with the city. 

At the heart of each hotel is The Loft. A space that’s creatively inclusive. A dynamic community of artists and professionals. Locals and visitors. Full of life. 

We satisfy global tastes with URBAN Food. A different kind of dining concept borne out of the belief that every dish is local somewhere. And we invite you to get up close and personal with the city through curated experiences. Thanks to our focus on sustainable solutions, you can feel good about your stay. Knowing that it helps support local artisans, artists, farmers and businesses. 

Feel the energy of Cologne. It’s in the air. In the art. In the people you meet inside. Sure, you can stay the night. Just don’t call us a hotel. We’re URBAN LOFT. 


The first URBAN LOFT. Est. 2020 in Cologne.

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